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Problem started with a blown injector fuse that I traced to a bad injector (very low resistance). So I went in and tested the pins directly at the ecu by probing The injector output pins 51,52,60, and 61. Having rectified many ‘chuffing’ injectors and dealt with the famed ‘black-death’ on many sprinter engines and its close derivatives used across the complete range of Mercedes Diesel vehicles, I can honestly say that the hold down mechanism used to secure the injector in the head is definitely the engines number one Achilles heel. no fuel to the cylinders; what are the causes of no injector Journal of Control Science and Engineering is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles, investigating the design, simulation and modelling, implementation, and analysis of methods and technologies for control systems and applications. The MIL will only flash a code with the kickstand down AND the engine idling at less than 5000 RPM’s. This guide will focus on making sure the injectors are receiving the correct amount of power and that the injector itself doesn’t have too much resistance. issue; if there is still no fuel spray when cranking the engine after this has been corrected go to step 1a. 5 and 3. im having to same trouble no injector pulse i cant get a code reading on my eec iv, the fuel pump runs continually with the key turned to on position. Cummins ECM Reference Notes support@efilive. Calibration concerns, powertrain component faults and FICM malfunctions may produce similar drivability concerns. Have good scanner, help 10 Answers. . If the injector tests out, the problem is likely an intermittent wiring problem. Don't take this as fact Dan, but I believe they protected the injector drivers on this truck with fuses. This causes a weak pulse, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, and unconsciousness. The graph below shows the low pulse width portion of the flow vs pulse width curve for the Injector Dynamics ID1600 injector at 14volts, 3 bar differential fuel pressure. Download 1984 BMW 318I No Start, With Good Spark, But No Injector Pulse Tests/Procedures: Potential Causes: 1. RB25DET - No Injector Pulse. So I mounted the ECU and Ing mod and now I have no Injector pulse at the Injector plug with a noid light. Although generic, the specific repair steps may vary depending on make/model. I'm not sure though. 1a. This was the second occurrence of this DTC since the same Glow Plug was replaced. 8L V6 GM vehicle (Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac) can stop working and cause a Rough Idle and/or Misfire Condition if it doesn't get power (12 Volts) or its injector pulse signal from the PCM. ), the UCV Now if this was a Gen2 it would start and idle for a second since the cold start injector is on its own circuit but after that it would die. PULSE condition. (Graph 8) This is a solenoid that was probably damaged by some major shorts in the injector & glow plug wiring harness. The following has been verified; Car has no injector pulse , spark=OK, no codes, FP runs, FP good, SES light on with key on. The vehicle being tested is a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 2. Whenever I think an injector is stuck I ground out the negative side of the injector WHILE the harness is plugged in…this will hold that injector OPEN…and dislodge any particle that might be holding it open…works a lot of the time actually. 2 degrees of the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH; If the "Buzz" test reports no failures, but you don't hear a particular cylinder "Buzz"more than likely there is a problem with that injector. Decreasing the injector pulse, leans the air/fuel ratio. Engine runs on other thr no fuel injector pulse in #1 cylinder - Nissanhelp. If the test light blinks, then the injector should fire. No Spark. Faulty Fuel Injector Repair. One of the 2 wires going into the injector was sheared. It is not a complete listing or a substitute for a proper shop manual. Anyway, I made a noid light out of an LED and a couple of resistors and found out that there is no injector pulse. cant go through my senior year without a car 88 S10 Injector won't pulse: Sign In I have an 88 S10 truck. In over 40 years of diesel combustion research, Baileys has seen, repaired and prevented just about every cause of injector failure, and in this post we have compiled some of the most common symptoms, causes and ways to prevent the premature replacement of your common rail injectors. and a clicking of a relay switch. Checked injectors 3-4 ohms at each. Troubleshooting resulted in a ignition noise fault. we have traced all of the Ohm each fuel injector if you have a resistance specification. Diagnosis of a No Start Condition (L-Jetronic) This is a short guide to some common causes for a no-start condition. Can a bad crankshaft sensor cause you to lose injector pulse? I checked it with injector test lights and with a regular test light. On a TBI, most common reason for no fuel spray from the injectors - although there is proper fuel pressure - is a bad ignition module. (Of course, they also fail in a way that won't allow spark. With some fresh plugs a little transmission fluid in the cyl. At this point if there is a problem the MIL should start flashing a code. On most vehicles the pump is energized by the PCM via a relay. You hit the starter button, the motor begins to crank over. I can pour gas into the throttle body and the it will start TBI pulse problems. Visitor in New Albany, IN on Hey everyone, I have a 1996 Chevy C1500 with a 5. Bad injector 1 is significantly longer open than the other injectors. Enough energy is stored to overcome pintle spring & fuel pressure Current ramping is still present as injector needs it I replaced the cam ,crank and fuel rail pressure sensors but still no pulse or voltage at the injectors. I have a good spark waveform and when running normal injector pulse is good with good current ramp. I have run into a wall with this and have been unable to gain any ground. what causes no injector pulse on one bank when engine warmes up when comes off cold start mode left hand bank stops - Dodge 2008 Ram 1500 2WD question Chevrolet k1500 getting spark to all plugs, gas to TBI, continuity from ECM to injectors, but no pulse to injectors. No correlation between miss and driving conditions. com - 7 - www. This also causes, the Burning up traces inside the ECU is ,well, not too wise. Another clue before this problem, it had symptom of being in limp mode ie no power and ran rough. 4. Tracked no injector pulse back to an ECU filled with water and rust, which has been repaired by ATP in the UK. Find out why diesel fuel injectors fail and how to avoid it as we see if the injectors are the problem. Need all possible causes for injectors not grounding If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 5 volts to trigger the computer, but only needs to be 5. don't want to pay unless advice helps to FIX the car. If you don't hear the clicking sound, either the solenoid has failed or the computer isn't sending the pulse signal. It should also be noted that an injector failing a "Buzz" test can have many causes. ) TPS voltage exceeds 3. Power all current ok but the last one GROUNDING pin4 wire no current. The fuel injector can be compared to the heartthe injector does the pumping. (Remember that a fuel injector can work properly when cold but go open when hot, or vice versa. master tech at cherry hill nissan pointed me in the direction of a new ecu. These symptoms are: 1984 BMW 318I No Start, With Good Spark, But No Injector Pulse. Check fuse #21 (on the left side of dash). Last edited: Dec 3, 2010. I have a 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi having issues with injectors. We do get pulse if we use a remote starter. I've got good fuel pressure and spark and engine starts-up initially from the cold start injector then stalls and won't run. With a Gen3 this won't happen. All the injectors are ticking perfectly fine. Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Malfunction. It is possible for the injector to cause issues even if it is receiving the correct voltage. This type of testing has tricked just about everyone who relies on it at least once. Also I haven't fully checked the But some problems may be tougher than your customer — or you — think. It's electrical characteristics dictate a specific diagnostic and testing procedure. Likely just protected the power side and the computer controls the ground but I want to say it could be a fuse. 001 amps. no fire or pulse | Find answers to No spark or injector pulse; No spark or injector pulse (1997 Ford F-150) no fire or pulse . com The values in the timing calculator table are calculated as follows: For each cell in E2503, the tuning software looks up (with interpolation) the matching MPa value from the table: D0782. 7:1 air/fuel ratio is being maintained. If you have Pulse to the Injector(s) check the voltage of the injector(s). Some modern ECU's can detect whether an injector is unplugged (or short circuited) and thus it's best to connect the electrical apparatus in parallel with the injector. chapter 20 fuel injection components pt 1. Injector pulse width when starting is controlled more by engine temperature. It comes on and does not turn off (due to electrical issues). As for the idle control valve, if the valve were completely closed, the engine may not start. In all P0303 Tech Notes The P0303 code means that the cylinder 3 is misfiring or is randomly misfiring. They are getting power though. In a no-start situation, the first steps should be to check for spark, injector pulse and fuel pump operation (as noted above). It has no brain and only responds based upon ECU input. i checked for fuel an its getting fuel to the injectors. No injector pulse on a VIII - help! Technical Questions. With none of the injectors connected, the flickering pulse should transmit through all of the wires without any issue. "no" means it will not work with either, i. ignition engines, can cause a no-spark condition if defective. 7LScannerDanner Tools:Related videos - How to test fuel pressure, injector pulse and spark with basic tools - Honda - Symptoms and Causes of Low Fuel Pressure (Part 1) - No start troubleshooting (fuel pressure, injector pulse, spark) - GM OBDI - Picoscope Basics Part 1 - Picoscope Basics Hello to all I need help! I have 2005 nissan maxima SE 3. In some cases, as in an overheating engine, the problem is not the injector itself but some other condition that causes the injector not to pulse and therefore create the misfire. At the L-Jetronic control module, check for battery voltage during cranking at pin number nine, grounds at pins five and 13, and an engine speed (ignition primary) signal at pin 1. 7 that will not fire injectors 1 and 8 all the others fire, we have manually pulsed the injector and it will spray but there is no pulse when plugged in and turned over with the key. My problem is that I don't have a pulse at the injectors. The "peak" part of the voltage waveform causes the injector to open, and the hold portion allows the injector to remain open long enough to dispense the right amount of fuel. When an engine is idling, there is a vacuum in the intake manifold. Then I also checked the injector pulse with a scope and noticed on the initial crank it would pulse for a milla second then shut off not allowing it to start. The ECU sees the low RPM, and quickly goes to the Cranking fuel Table, increasing the Injector pulse width, allowing more fuel to get the motor started. Fuel injectors can cause a whole host of problems that can lead to major engine damage if not diagnosed and replaced or repaired as soon as possible. 4xcrazy, Dec 3, 2010 #17. 0 Powerstroke. The injectors have power but Umm, injector plugs should have voltage (compared to chassis ground) and the ECU completes the path to ground. The engine cranks and starts with quickstart. The LT1's work the same way the TPI's do, if there is no ref pulse from the module to the PCM it won't fire the injectors. What causes no injector pulse on a95 eagle talon 2. Though the CPI system supplies fuel to each of the engine’s intake ports like other multi-port fuel injection systems, it has only one centrally located fuel injector, called the MAXI injector. Do you have fuel pressure, just no injector pulse? Have you checked for a signal from the Camshaft Position Sensor and Crankshaft Position Sensor? Have you checked the fuses for the various systems? Keep in mind there may be a fuse panel under the hood as well as one in the cabin. This test will tell you if the computer is pulsing the fuel injectors open when cranking the engine over. Pour fuel in spark plug hole and will start but will not run but for a few seconds or till gas is burned. drvngstorm05 Having a problem with a no start situation. Using feedback from the HO 2 S, AFR (heated oxygen sensor or air-fuel-ratio sensor), or Lambda sensor, the ECU can fine-tune fuel injector pulse-width (IPW) to deliver the best air-fuel ratio. pdf Tests /Procedures: Potential Causes If there is power at the injectors but no ground pulse I got a problem with my 300, cylinder 2 is misfiring and car runs rough, even idles rough. Pulse can be tested with a special test light. most cars no squirt, this prime pulse is to purge only air from the lines, after servicing car (eg:fuel filter) Explorer, Sport Trac, Mountaineer & Aviator - no injector pulse - got gas, got fuel pressure, got a good battery, got 12v to the injectors, engine fires immediately with a shot of ether in the intake and then dies just as quick, but got no injector pulse. The ol thing quit running completely after about a month. Im wondering if I have to wire the fuel pump into the stock harness? Would wiring it separatly cause my no injector pulse problem somehow? Can a bad crankshaft sensor cause you to lose injector pulse? I checked it with injector test lights and with a regular test light. EFI systems are all different from one another. A 1-6 ms fuel pulse width will be sent by the PCM to the IDM when a sync pulse has been received from the CMP sensor and when sufficient injection control pressure is present. I have a fuel cell in it and I just wired the fuel pump separate from the stock harness. If the ratio is correct, the PCM decides that no change should be made to the injector pulse width. Also check the wiring harness from the camshaft sensor (that is the distributor) and the MASS airflow sensor, they provide the signal to the computer (ECM) to determine injector pulse width (operation). No noise would tell you the pump is not spinning. This vacuum pulls fuel out of the injectors, and increases the effective pressure across the injector to a pressure higher than the rail pressure itself. I used some trick I learned on youtube which involves using a screwdriver to listen for the fuel injector clicking. Therefore, the problem lies in the fuel pump / DME relay, the DME computer, or loss of the signals to the DME computer which cause the fuel pump to start or remaining running after it starts. In this scenario, the React phase maintains the same injector pulse width. How Electronic Fuel Injection Works. 4 Ohms resistance. No Injector Pulse was created by bandd For the past few months the truck ran great but sometimes it would be hard to start at times. I get no light from noid after that no matter how long I continue to crank the engine. The injector can be in a failed state (loose armature plate screw, bad solenoid, etc. How to check fuel injector pulse using a noid light This is a awesome test because it can be done very fast using a very inexpensive tool called a Noid light . I had it back for three days then this morning went to leave and i I hooked a stethoscope to the injector #2 and it has no pulse. 1984 HA GN - Car has been running well, suddenly stalled on the road, and went in “no start”. How to Treat a Weak or Absent Pulse Emergency I have span the cas by hand with ignition on and I have sparc and injector pulse. SPRAY STARTING FLUID IN FILTER HOUSING STARTS AND RUNS FINE FOR A FEW - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic There are two main reason for the failure of diesel injectors. but still just cranks, no spark, no injector pulse. So, needless to say, the car wont start. There IS lots of feul pressure though. Three things are needed in order for the injector to spray fuel: 12 volts from the ECM fuse, ground from the ECM, and fuel The PIP signal level needs to be above 6. In synchronized mode operation, the injector is pulsed once for each distributor reference pulse. Worn spark plug wiring or a cracked distributor cap in the vehicle may diminish spark plug functionality which would impact all of the BMW's cylinders not just one. wtf causes this? The injector power pin is the VPWR pin in the black 10 pin connector. At that point managing the pulse width of the injector to achieve proper air fuel ratio is a guessing game. On the next revolution the noid bilnks but not as brightly as the first time. You will need an oscilloscope or graphing DVM to measure the output voltage since it is not a straight DC voltage. This injector never opened due to resistance on the ground side of the circuit. Used a noid light to test each injector clip, no dice. The injectors have power but PCM decides that no change should be made to the injector pulse width. I have spark, but now we have finally discovered I am not getting any fuel into the cylinders. I tried a "suposedly good" computer from the junk yard and had the same no start results. Fuel enters the injector through an opening on the side of the injector body, which is delivered by the fuel pump and surrounds the injector through passages in the cylinder head. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford F-150 based on all problems reported for the F-150. Ford Fuel Injector Failure: What Causes it and How to Fix It which is defined as "pulse width. in other words it has a bowden cable. 2008 Jeep Liberty 3. When an engine needs to make more power, the onboard computer delivers more fuel by increasing the pulse width of the fuel injectors. This resistance also causes that the induction pulse energy forces the current through the injector to flow longer, resulting in a longer opening time. Why would my ecu not be sending a pulse? The 2nd ecu is off a working car. For some reason, the ECM is not sending the injector pulse signal while the ignition switch is in the crank position. P0201 means that the PCM detected a fault in the injector or the wiring to the injector. The injector pulse is directly related to the engine speed sensor input (CRK, PICK-UP, etc. 67 milli secs when idling, when you open the throttle, the time increases proportionately, so more fuel is injected. Do not hot wire the TBI injector or the injector will burn up or you will burn up the remaining good injector driver, putting the ECU at more risk and damage. This electromechanical device is in charge of delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine. Please help! Every possible part I could test passed just wondering if it is an ECM problem? There is no injector pulse while cranking. A too fast current increase and a too low induction peak can be caused by a parallel resistance over the injector terminals. There are several special tool / tests to check the injector system. One of the design parameters of the L-Jetronic system is that there must be 10 volts on the #10 pin connector at the ECU for the car to start. The first reason comes from the mechanical soundness of the injector structure while the second one is related to the quality of the Speaking of Subaru, I emailed them asking if a faulty transponder would result in a condition of Spark but no Injector Pulse and got a reply stating that nobody from Subaru Australia could answer that question and that I should take the vehicle to a Subaru service centre. With the voltmeter or test light still connected crank the engine and verify voltage to the pink wire on the injector connector. They can clog up, which will decrease the spray inside the cylinder. an my cooling fan runs continually fook, when you say no pulse, do you mean no voltage or are they not spraying fuel at all? can you check to see if there is power to the injectors at the ECU end? its been a while since i looked at a toyota wiring diagram but is there like a safety override in the event of no oil pressure or something else ect to stop the car from starting? Injector Pulse is a focused service with one purpose, effective and affordable fuel injector cleaning. The X Axis is the actual pulse width applied to the injector in milliseconds, and the Y axis is the volumetric flow, in microliters, for a single pulse. The fuel system of a modern computer-controlled fuel injected engine is so reliable that it seems to be almost maintenance free, but these modern fuel injected engines have fuel injectors that become flow restricted or “dirty” with use. Thanks. I have spark at the plugs, 42lbs of fuel pressure, 12 volts at the injecters and no pulse on any injecter. The vast majority of fuel injectors are ground controlled. hope this helps. Here's how No fuel command signal when ICP, RPM and VPWR signals are correct usually indicates a loss of CMP sync signal. what causes no pulse to injectors? cut out, mechanic said no pulse to inectors, turns over but not start only - Cars & Trucks question OK!! It is a '93 Town Car 4. i'm thinking its a bad wiring harness or PCM. A single intensity signal is sent to a fuel injector which causes the valve to open and remain open until the signal has ended. The sound comes from the solenoid inside the injector activating and deactivating the injector's valve. While testing and diagnosing, we have an incandescent bulb (tail light socket and pigtail) connected to the injector pigtail. The ECU isn't going to like the fact that the engine temp. Uses that MPa value to lookup (with interpolation) the injection pulse width in Ford F-150 owners have reported 14 problems related to fuel injector (under the gasoline fuel system category). The first time I ran into one of these, I mistakenly replaced the engine computer in an attempt to fix the no injector pulse condition. This ignition pulse controls injector timing, so this is no good. Duramax Injector Failures-Cause and Prevention LB7: Many LB7 owners have had injector issues. to check how If it is the injector battery correction, I would think you'd need to increase the value to allow longer PW on low voltage. I turned the key, and had a crank but no start condition. I also had an IAC fault. When the injector opens and closes, you can hear a clicking sound. Long story short, I found that the fuel injector is not firing, if that is the correct term. 5 milli secs to 20 ms or so. The design and labor costs dictate a complete set replacement in most cases. Cheers guys, I have run a test light across all the fuses in the fuse box itself and all seem to be OK. Effective pressure is what injector flow rate is ultimately based off of. 7L Vortec, I got the truck recently and was told it just needed a Fuel pump, I replaced the Fuel pump, and the Filter, also the pump turns on and there is fuel up at the rail, I pushed the pin and it shot right out. It seems you have this. Why Fuel Injectors in Post-Common-Rail Diesels Fail. Turns over fine, but oes not catch. Crank, spark, fuel pressure - But no Injector Pulse? Hi guys, Recently had my 90adm with 92 GenII 3SGTE at a shop getting clutch, timing belt, waterpump, turbo - so the engine came out. See what causes these high pressure injectors to fail in this month's issue of Diesel Power 1996 Vortec 1-8 no injector pulse first things first new to the group, hope to find some much need help !!!!!! I have a 96 vortec 5. 5 ms. In other words: it does not pulse on and off but stays on all of the time spraying a tremendous amount of fuel as soon as you turn the ignition key to the ON position. 75 volts to trigger the TFI module. Synchronized Mode. It is strange that one shorted fuel injector can cause all the other injectors to not fire, but this is exactly what can happen with a group fired system. i think/guess that causes injector no pulse because Ive read i have an 87 s10, it doesnt get any injector pulse when cranking, theres power to the injector, but no pulse while cranking. Home Re: 350 tbi injector pulse prob. It seems any infomation i try to find on this does not exist. I have spark but no injector pulse. If not, then a plugged or failed injector is the cause. still need help. The opening time is treated as a "dead" period while the injector opens, but no injection is happening. There are three fuel If the fuel pump starts, it indicates that the fuel pump, power supply to the fuel pump, and wiring from the relay panel to the fuel pump are good. ). So when the spool opens, high-pressure oil enters the injector. Miata won't start. I replaced the computer and that did not fix it. The automotive fuel injector is indeed a wonder of technology. 0 Power Stroke. i used a timing light to check for spark at the spark plugs wires its getting spark turns over good. What would cause no injector pulse on 1990 2. Could be two causes - no fuel, or no pulse signal Pulse signal can have a number of causes. Check voltage to/from the injector resistor. Perform the following steps for faulty fuel injector assembly(s): ‪ Remove and replace injector assembly(s) whose values are within 0. I also have cranked the car over with the cas out and Tryed to spin the cas by hand. That would show a flicker if the fuel injector was pulsing, correct? Depending on how the fuel injector goes bad will determine what needs to be done in order to get it fixed. With some carb cleaner, it catches and starts. We have narrowed it down to the fact that there is no injector pulse but cant seem to figure out the biggest question- WHY?!!? This video will show you how to easily diagnose and if necessary replace the Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) on your 6. In practice, many modern common rail injection systems will use both a pressure control valve on the rail and one of the forms of high pressure pump metering to control rail pressure. I tried this, and I got no flash. 7. E. I have spent significant amount of time searching for information regarding the EEC and I have come across readily available reliable sources of information. If it flashes, you have injector pulse. FUEL INJECTOR PULSE CHECKING: Robert Dingli suggests "an oscilloscope or a smart DVM with pulse width or duty cycle readouts can be used to check the injector electrical supply. I have run ecu test and it comes up all ok. also, there is no residual fuel pressure. Tried limp mode, still no start. I haven't needed to play with this myself, but did poke around in the code a while back. A fuel injector, on your 3. Some bean counter at GM probably came up with the idea as a way to reduce costs. what is the formula in the mass air flow system to calculate the injector pulse width this sensor causes the pcm to Self-diagnostic procedure. In the Re- So I jumped the 30 and 87 terminals where the starter relay goes with a starter switch just to see if it would run. It had 2. The most common injector issue is when the engine produces a cylinder misfire. Unlike peak/hold, a saturated injector remains "on" for the entire pulse width. Results: “0” volts or the light goes out when cranking the engine. BUT, if you shoot brake kleen into the throttle body, it will start, then the injector will start pulsing. , not at all. Voltage. I have fuel pressure at the rail, fp works, I have spark. please I need help. NO INJECTOR PULSE. 1:1 (lean) during the Sense phase, the PCM makes the decision to increase the injector pulse width to correct the lean air/fuel ratio condition. No pulse signal to injectors (bad injector relay or PCM driver circuit). The FICM is often mis-diagnosed and needlessly replaced. Any thoughts or previous related problems that other owners might have had. Also, have you searched the Elantra forum for symptoms similar 1987 GT V6. Replaced plugs, fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. So you have a dead injector. " An injector that is stuck closed will give you a reading of Install went fairly well. 5 4 cylinder jeep? Has work been done recently? If so check for pinched wires or wires melted to exhaust If not: Check fuses Your car has an ASD relay I have a 1988 Fod E250 that will not start. If they read too low they will not work. also with the key on and hood up -and me looking over the engine area - w/ cold engine - I hear a clicking sound every 1 second - but not a regular every 1/2 second in time - but a irregular clicking sound coming from the injector area or distuibtor area? last nite no problems - I run super gas on my V6 camry -did run fine for 1 year - only this morning no start? No ground means no current is flowing as injector is not energised ECU Provides ground to injector The injector is now energised, meaning current flows into the injector windings The windings reached their saturation point. 1993 Mazda B2600i No spark or injector pulse was created by B-T-S We bought about a year ago, it was running but didn't have much power and would sputter if you would push on the gas pedal to hard. Last Revised: 12/17/2002. The injectors are powered from the PINK fusible link, thru the EFI Main Relay #2 (on the strut tower near the injector resistor), thru the injector resistor box, to them & thru the ECU to Second Check for Pulse to the fuel injector(s). The pins in the connector may have worked their way up into the rubber boot, thus not making contact with the pins on the injector. I hooked up a fuel pressure gage and it is perfect. (Im not sure of S-truck injector voltages). Maybe if you were trying to start the engine in space, you'd get no injector pulse, but nowhere else. Update: I pulled the valve cover to inspect #8 injector and replace dummy plug and stand pipe and I found the injector solenoid screw broke off gone and the injector in two pieces I got it out replaced it but it all back together and it's the same as before crank no start icp all good I might pull the other valve cover tommorow. If an injector, or injectors, are not on spec, the ECU will attempt to correct flow delivery via altering injector pulse, but it cannot correct the faulty injector(s). Start by checking for intake leaks and if no leaks are found the next step is to replace the spark plugs on cylinder 3. • A pickup coil contains a coil of wire, and the resistance of this coil should be within the range specified by the manufacturer. and some fuel it did. Is the ECU Bad? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If the fuel injector is plugged up, sometimes putting fuel injector cleaner into the fuel tank or even doing a fuel injection cleaning service with a motor vac may be needed in order to clear the debris off of the tip of the Fuel Injector. With the kickstand down start the engine. After my roomie suggested I test all 6 injectors just because, I randomly stumbled on the problem. Shock can be caused by anything from dehydration to a heart attack. This means that the current flow in the driver and injector circuit stays low keeping the components cool for long life. Sooo, We put the 86LX/B6T back together and now are getting no injector pulse at the injector clips. If the injector is open or the resistance is higher or lower than the spec, replace the fuel injector. 2006 Nissan Maxima SL 3. The most recently reported issues are listed below. please if theres anyone in the south jersey area that is good with wiring, come help me and we'll cook you a nice meal and get your beer of choice, i really need this car back. Sign In all is right (12 volts & grounds) exept for b5 there is no ground and when you probe with test light looking for ground you here what sounds like the fuel pump priming the line. Check the injector connector on #3. Everything checks out ok, i have spark, 40 psi fuel pressure but I have no injector pulse. efilive. The car fired up right away with the repaired ECU, but only bank 1's injectors are firing causing it to run on just the two cylinders. Note how there was no Fuel Injector DTC at this time (P1237/P0201). The following repair strategy should be used when diagnosing a NO START- NO INJ. Refer to Pinpoint Test G for CMP sensor diagnosis. It would turn over but it took a lot of cranking to get it to start. e. EEC IV Inner Workings. The Fuel Injector DTC kicked in about two dozen miles later. Loss of spark is also a prime suspect in engine misfire. The result is in ability to maintain the correct air to fuel mixture within the engine and a misfire occurs. ) No power and the 10 pin connections are good: look for broken wiring between the orange/black wire on the EEC relay and the red wire for the 10 pin connectors. 6. 99 FORD F150 4. " Fuel Injector Servicing An engine will not perform at its best without the proper air/fuel mixture. The 24 tooth reluctor wheel is mounted on the back of the crankshaft. NO START. I switched injectors to stock and have 8 set of these injectors and no matter which injector I use, the #2 cylinder isnt getting fuel. To diagnose a fuel injector problem you need a keen sense of your vehicle, a little time and some basic fuel injector knowledge. The crankshaft sensor is a 24X (58X on 2004 and later engines) pulse sensor that controls ignition coil firing and injector pulse. I check the following items, crank sensor, cam sensor and wiring, I also check all the power input and grounds going to the ECU fuses all check OK. As suggested by the names, the HO 2 S is sensitive to oxygen (O 2) content in the exhaust, which has a direct relationship to air-fuel ratio. 4 No star ,No injector pulse,good spark using your pull down by pass tes Q: not getting any gas in tbi put in new ecm but still no pulse My car has an automatic transmission. You need 12V to the injector on 'run' and on 'start'. 6/11/13 2:20pm a pulsing ground to the injector, which closes the circuit, providing the injector's solenoid with current. We've got spark and with a little ether the car ran for a few seconds normally, so i can rule out any sort of timing issue as a possible cause for the no start. Most of the work was converting the fuel tank in my case. share: How often should you stop CPR to check a pulse? Do not stop CPR to check for a pulse. Practical Rail Pressure Control. . no start condition, have spark, no injector pulse/no gas. One of the parameter is fuel injector pulse width, It tells you how long the injector is kept open to spray fuel It was 2. Have spark-compression-good fuel injector-power to injector, but no injection pulse to this injector. If you do have all of these, then we would look to other areas. I am loosing injector pulse at the one and 3 injectors. No Injector Pulse. I checked the connector on the injector its getting power but not as much as the other cylinders. In dual injector throttle body systems, the injectors are pulse alternately. If any CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH values are not within 0. Use the test light to confirm this on the wire for the last fuel injector clip (at the end of the fuel rail). In the Decide phase, the PCM uses the oxygen sensor data to determine if the proper 14. So if 'I could at least get the fuel pump to come on and build pressure when the key is in the on position that would be awesome, but since it doesn't along with no injector pulse, doesn't that mean its probably the same thing? is it a relay? The car has a new fuel pump from the previous owner trying to resolve this issue. Does the pump run when the engine is cranking? The pump should make a little noise. The motor cranks over but will not start. It can be done if you have a dyno and a lambda meter but you are back to the concepts used by speed density systems, mapping injector pulse width based mostly off throttle position and rpm. See if you need a new injector…or have a spark issue and you will be on the road again in no time. com Forums No "Fuel Injector Pulse" can be caused by a faulty computer, wiring, or a computer. The symptoms of a failed fuel injector are pretty much the same ones no matter how the it fails. As the voltage falls back to open circuit voltage there is no injector pintle closing bump (Figure 1 Part F). ) [Archive] 6. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. you should not have it when the key is off. By tmoss. There are a lot of questions regarding the way the Mustang EEC IV works. Fuel pump runs fine and pressure at the rail is good. Hence with a weak PIP signal, you could get spark but no injector pulse. However, it is quite common to see a no injector pulse condition with good spark. The ecu starts similar vehicles what am I missing. In this scenario, the React phase main-tains the same injector pulse width. The maximum injector pulse width possible with your MegaSquirt-II™ (or MicroSquirt®) controller is 65 milliseconds. The ECM needs to ground the other wire to the injector. 0 cranks but will not start!!! 6. 5L the Engine crank over OK, but there is no injector pulse and no spark. To locate where the resistance is within the ground circuit, one must move the scope probe from the injector connector to the PCM connector. If , however, you see this tiny little squirt (or nothing) from the injector during the 3 second FP run, then this test passes. Typical injector pulse width for an idling engine at normal operating temperature is between 2. 7 volts with the throttle closed. If you have no Pluse to the Injectors next step is to verify you have ground on the proper wire and power on the other. Ignition control module was the apparent reason for no fuel injector pulse in this problem . I used a Noid Light while cranking, and nothing. Found that with a noid light on a injector connector I get a bright "blink" from the noid on the engines first revolution while cranking. however, not sure this car (88 735i) even has that function as it has no EML. Note that there is no peak in the pulse, and that the hold pulses are much, much closer together--the frequency is 50 kHz rather that the more normal 13-15 kHz. However, if the air/fuel ratio is 16. With this video I want say thanks to you PAUL DANNER I fixed this chevy venture 02 3. Prevent increasing rail-pressure and injector pulse widths when tuning and a diesel engine is no exception. What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles. No corrosion or anything, just looked like it popped right off, clean cut. Pulses are sent to the injector in 2 different modes: synchronized and non-synchronized. I read in some websites that the pulse width can range from 1. sensor is missing and could possibly cause the engine to run lean by narrowing the injector pulse width. • The pickup coil must generate an AC voltage pulse to the ignition module so that the module can pulse the ignition coil. 12 volt ground signal to PCM, if that signal isn't sent to PCM u get no injector pulse, try looking at ur ground strap to frame from engine make sure its not corroded if so replace, had same problem no injector pulse replaced ground strap and boom started right up. David Tracy. This fuse protects the injectors so if it is bad, no voltage will reach the injectors. Here is the DTC I got 315 miles after the #1 Glow Plug was replaced. Disconnect the wiring clips to each injector and begin the test again. when i take the line off after cranking or a period of jumping the fuel pump relay During cranking, we are getting spark at the spark plugs, but NO fuel injector pulses. Injectors need to be clean for optimal Check your injector fuses then replace the ignition module. They can (and do) fail in a way that you can still have spark, but no signal to the PCM to ground the injectors. From the pits to your garage-professional quality injector cleaning is available to anyone. This location is known as the "quiet" deflection zone that minimizes any false signals to the pcm that can be misinterpreted as a fault. 5L No Start No Spark No Injector Pulse Posted to Asian Electrical on 11/11/2014 5 Replies hello gents-- long time reader and one of my 1st real questions that i pose to you the readers. This is called the prime pulse, some cars can have tiny squirt others none. "OK" means the combination will work with either simultaneous or alternating. 0 turbo? A no good ecm Read More. A noid light will flash with as little as 1ma, or . D. Even if you are real fast, the ECU already knows everything it needs to know from all of the sensors. The Delphi F2P and F2E modular common rail systems use this approach [2990][2992]. 2 degrees of the NO CUTOUT PULSE WIDTH, shut down the engine. Higher manifold *pressure* means a wider pulse width, but even at the lowest conceivable manifold pressure, you'll get some injector pulse. This, in turn, pushes the intensifier piston and plunger downward inside the injector body. The misfire is generally associated with a loss of power and no unusual smoke. One of the first things to check is the fuel pump. and may make your ECU no longer, repairable. Take the diagnosis of an injector issue. These issues tend to be VERY expensive. Control Algorithm (FuelAlpha) lets you choose between Speed Density and Alpha-N. I'm remembering a truck I had with exposed wiring at the injector harness that kept blowing a fuse. what causes no injector pulse

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